Property Ownership Transfer


  • Complete Form I/J – form can be obtained in the Kota Tinggi District Council Office during office hours or download from MDKT Portal 
  • Documents which must be attached during application

       1) A copy latest paid Tax Bill Receipt, Latest Property Tax (photocopy)
       2) A copy of Buy-Sell Agrrement / Land Ownership Property Grant / Form 11A / 14A (photocopy)
       3) If STRATA property (Flat / Condomunium), A copy STRATA Ownership Property Grant or a copy Buy-            Sell Agrrement,
       4) A copy of Identity Card (photocopy) or 9/13 Form for registered company.
       5) Application process payment (RM 50.00) for ownership transfer. 

  • Submit the relevant form and documents to the Property Management & Assessment Division, Kota Tinggi District Council, Jalan Padang, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor

Attention : Failure sir / madam to do so, sir / madam will be fined RM 2000.00 under Section 160 Local Goverment Act 1976 (Act171).