Property Tax Information

  1. Payment can be made by cash and cheque. For payment by cheque, should be crossed and payable YANG DIPERTUA, MAJLIS DAERAH KOTA TINGGI. Please write no account, no phone and name at the back of the cheque. 
  2. Only original receipts are printed by machine or issued by local collection center will be accepted as proof of payment. Individuals are not allowed to accept payment.  
  3. If an official receipt is not received within 14 days after payment by mail service, please contact the Finance Department, Kota Tinggi District Council. 
  4. Bil cukai harta hendaklah dijelaskan sebelum 28 Februari bagi penggal 1 dan 31 Ogos bagi penggal 2 pada tahun berkenaan. Kelewatan menjelaskan bayaran cukai harta dalam tempoh yang telah ditetapkan akan dikenakan denda lewat.
  5. Property tax bill must be paid before 28th February for term 1 and August 31st for the term 2 for the year. Delays in the payment of property taxes within the stipulated time frame will be charged a late penalty.
  6. It  is the responsibility sir/madam to inform the Kota Tinggi District Council if  the property owner / has been transferred to the new owner. Failure sir / madam to do so, sir / madam will be fined RM 2000.00 under Section 160 Local Goverment Act 1976 (Act171).
  7. Keep the payment receipt  for future checking purposes if necessary.
  8. Any concerns about property taxes, please contact the Valuation and Property Management Department, Kota Tinggi District Council.
  9. Fi rates to notice is RM 5.00.
  10. Other costs
    Type Amount
    Ownership Transfer RM 50.00
    Search Information RM 20.00
    Reprint Tax Bill RM 1.00


     11. All correspondence should be referred to:

Yang Di Pertua
Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi
81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor