Kota Tinggi District Council was initially known as the 'Lembaga Bandaran' or City Board when it was first established, where part of the Administration was under the State Government. On April 1961, 'Lembaga Bandaran' or City Board was changed to 'Majlis Bandaran' or City Council when all administration became ‘Badan Berkanun’ or Subsidaries, as well as ‘Kewangan Berautonomi’ or Financially Autonomic / Independent and received aid from the state government.

On 1st January 1977, Kota Tinggi District Council underwent a revamp exercise undertaken by all Local Authorities of West Malaysia, by uniting several Local Authorities to be managed under one board in accordance to the power given under Section 10 Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) (Temporary Provisions) 1973.


AREAHECTARHOLDINGSPOPULATIONTOTAL1210.5O1701844951- CONTROLLED AREA - ( Areas involved – 40 chains to the left /right of the road )

1. BANDAR KOTA TINGGI 853.44 14785 37111
2. SUNGAI RENGIT 131.17 1296 2826
3. PASIR GOGOK 125.50 260 1108
4. TELOK SENGAT 51.40 258 1194
5. SEDILI BESAR 48.98 419 2712
OVERALL TOTAL 12763.00 17018 44951

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