Urban Poverty Eradication Programme


  • Introduction

The City Poverty Elimination Programme or the ‘Pembasmian Kemiskinan Bandar’ (PPKB) was launched by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) in June 2006.

The main objective of PPKB is to eliminate hardcore poverty and to reduce by half the overall poverty to 2.8 percent by 2010 as outlined by the Ninth Malaysian Plan (RMK-9).

The target group is the poor families with household income below the fixed Poverty Line Income (PGK).

This programme acts a rail for the Administrators of Mukims Committee (JPMM) to be directly involved with the people by helping the government reach its target of eradicating poverty.

JPMM will act as a committee to detect target groups who deserve to get help from this programme.


  • Poverty Income Line (PGK) for Urban Areas
Sabah 880 174 489 96
Sarawak 777 171 482 105


Household income refers to the total income received by the whole household including income from parents, children, aid from agencies or private sectors, aid from children who live with them or own their own, income from sales of agriculture produce and other fixed monthly income.

Income per capita refers to the average household income taking into account the number of dependants. Per capita income will only be used when the family income crosses over the Poverty Line (PGK).

  • PPKB Target Group

The PPKB target group for Johor is:

  1. Poor families with household income below the Poverty Line Income (PGK) which is set at RM663, or income per capita of RM157 for the poor category, and a household income of RM390 or income per capita of RM91 per month for the hardcore poor category.
  2. Malaysian citizens only.
  3. Poor families who exceed the Poverty Line Income (PGK) after certain period will be listed out of the target group. 

 There are seven (7) types of programme:

  1. Poor Family Housing
  2. Reduction of Family Dependant Burden
  3. Training and Education
  4. Help for Poor Residents in Urban Areas
  5. Generating Family Income
  6. Harmony Center
  7. Database - ( Implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government )

  •  Types of Help from the City Poor Elimination Programme
1 Poor Family Housing Help with rental for house/room • Rate of house rent at Rm124 or the actual rate, which ever is lower.
Covers all houses except for squatter houses or government hire purchase houses • Rate of room rent at Rm124 or the actual rate, whichever is lower.
2 Reduction of Family Dependent Burden Help with daily expenditure / school expenditure / Educational Institutions / skills acquisition • Primary school – Rm200 cash.
• Secondary school – Rm250 cash.
• Higher Institution - RM 1,000 cash (one-off).
Help for cost of baby sitter for first time working mother • Rate of monthly payment of Rm200 or the actual rate, which ever is lower.
Cost of Transport to school • Rate of monthly payment of Rm30 per student.
Cost of transport to work for mothers • Payment rate of Rm50 for first time working mothers.
Cost of dialysis for kidney failure treatment • Minimum rate of Rm60 for each treatment session or according to the rate charged. 
• Inclusive of maximum Rm30 transport cost per session or the actual rate.
3 Education & Vocational Training Vocational Training • Actual Cost of Training set by the Institution. 

• Cost of Training and Allowance of Rm150 while attending the course.

4 Contribution Retrenched because of Company / Employer’s problems and had been jobless for more than 3 months. • A one-off Contribution of Rm3000 for each hard core poor family.
• Demolished Residential
• Lost of ability to work due to accident (self employed).
• Death of head of the family.
• Destruction of working place (self employed).
• A one-off Contribution of Rm2000 for each poor family.
5 Generating Family Income To identify the probability of generating income. • To establish a networking system with an employer, association or factory.
6 Harmony Centre • Owned by the Local Authority and managed by PBT.
•  Information, registration, source and PPKB Activity Centre.
• RM 50,000 one off Contribution.
  • How to Apply for City Poor Eradication Programme


1) Applicants can apply by using PPKB Application Forms which are given free at

  • Elected Representative (Wakil Rakyat) Service Centre.
  • Pejabat Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi (Department of Town Planning and Landscaping). Please refer to Urban Planner Officer, J41 (En Zainuddin b. Kasri) or Assistant Urban Planner Officer, J29 (Pn Norhafizah Yaacob).
  • Sample Form is as per attachment by the local authority.

2) Applicants have to complete the application form and get comments from Local Community Leader (Ketua Masyarakat Setempat) as below:

  • PBT Committee Member
  • Chairman of the Residents Association Committee
  • Penghulu
  • Village Head
  • Community Leader

3) The Local Community Head will hand over the application forms to Chairman of the Mukim Administrative Committee for approval.

4) The Mukim Administrative Committee Chairman will present the forms to the local authority.

5) eThe Coordinating Officer will then refer the cases to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government for approval and consideration.