Johor General Circulars

  Johor State Circulars and General Circulars

  Johor State General Circular No.2/2001
    Increase The Usage Of E-Mail For Official Government Purposes

  Johor State General Circular No.3 Year 2003
    Control Procedure For Local Authority Enforcers


Public Service Department Circular (JPA)

  Services Circular


General Services Progress Circular (MAMPU)

  General Services Circular


Malaysian Treasury Circular

  Treasury Circular

  Authority – Award Recipient


ICT Circular

  General Audit Management Circular

  Incident Reports

  ICT Safety Management

  ICT Safety Blueprint

  Risk Assessment

  Procedure of Application for Approval

  Procedure of Email and Internet Usage

  ICT MAMPU Circular



  • Guidelines for Cross Checking Procedure and Work Process at Government Agencies. (General Administrative Progress Circular No. 1 Year 2002)
  • Guidelines for Public Relations Management. (General Administrative Progress Circular No. 1 year 2008)
  • Guidelines for Implementing the Public Service Innovative Award. (General Administrative Progress Circular No. 1 Year 2006)