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e-Jawab e-Jawab
Any enquiries relating to MDKT service can be made by completing the form online. 

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Download the necessary forms.

Portal OSC

Applicants able to check status online online use reference number obtained by OSC staffs.

OSC Online OSC Online
OSC Online is an electronic system for application submission and processing of applications for development control. It is also an electronic platform for information and two-way communication for an information in respect of development control. 
Taxes payer can pay their taxes via internet.

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e-Jawab Price Watch
Users can keep track of the prices of over 100 items around the needs of users. Price watch help guide planning and spending wisely to compare prices and find premises nearby that offer affordable prices.
Sistem Maklumat Pelajar Praktikal

Practical Student Information System

Application for industrial training via online. 

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