Two Tigers

The two tigers on the left and right symbolize the courage, strength, strength and determination of the Kota Tinggi District Council Administration.

Ribbon Symbolizing pure and cultured values ​​in the citizens of Kota Tinggi District Council.
Yellow Colour The colour of royalty and sovereign government.
Keris As symbolic and historical District rich in history.
Shield National Unity - Efficient Administration - Economic and Social Development - Finance - Democracy - Helpfulness - Friendly Service.
Fortress Kota Tinggi District is famous for the history of the old forts that became the centre of defence of Johor Lama and became the historical icon of Kota Tinggi District.
Flag of Kota Tinggi It is the basis and identity of the district.
Tapak Kuda Flower The official flower for the Kota Tinggi District Council.
Crown, moon and stars A landmark of Islam as the official religion of the State and District and the Sovereignty of the State.
Bridges, mountains and waterfalls A beautiful and interesting tourist district.
  Harmony - cultured The tagline for MDKT is harmony – cultured.