OSC Online is an electronic system for processing and submission of application for progress control. It is also an electronic platform to retrieve information and a two-way communication for those information related to progress control.


Users of OSC Online are :

1. Applicants, including Certified Town Planners, Certified Architects Certified Engineers, Certified Quantity Surveyors, and Building Draughtsmen.
2. OSC Secretariat of Local Authorities.
3. Internal Technical Agency of Local Authorities which include the Landscape and Development Planning Department, Engineering Department.
4. External Technical Agencies which include the Land and Mineral Office, Town and Country Planning Department, Public Works Department, Irrigation and Drainage Department, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Department of Environment, State Water Authority, Mineral and Geosciences Department, Fire and Rescue Service Department of Malaysia, Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission, Indah Water Consortium, and Other Departments (According to the Requirements of Local Authorities)
5. System administrators which are the ICT Departments of Local Authorities
6. The Public


The OSC Online system enables the OSC Online System users to carry out duties electronically and online, in stages as stated below :-

1. Submission of application,
2. Processing of application,
3. Review of application,
4. Preparation of paperwork for OSC Meeting, and
5. Coordination of OSC Meeting

The 2 main modules are e-penyerahan, whereby the applicant must register, upload, and submit the application, and e-pemprosesan, whereby internal and external technical agencies process the application.

There are 8 OSC Online sub-modules :
1. e-permohonan – An applicant submits an application from any one of the 32 types of the listed applications.
2. e-permintaan perkhidmatan – An applicant submits an application other than the 32 types of the listed applications.
3. e-rujukan – Lists out otherrequirements related to the development in a particular Local Authority other than the standard requirements listed.
4. e-tanya – Online Pre-consultation.
5. e-aduan – Raises complaints regarding application-related OSC Online processes and procedures.
6. e-panduan – Information on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for relevant Local Authorities.
7. e-bayaran – Submission of proof of payment related to development control.
8. e-kad laporan – Evaluates and rates the performance of OSC Online services.