Effective Microorganism (EM) Programme

What  is EM?

Effective Microorganisms or EM was first introduced 25 years ago by Dr. Teruo Higa, a professor of Horticulture from Japan. EM and useful microorganism is produced from ingredients which is used in the food industry through the fermentation process. EM is highly effective for the degradation of organic ingredients which has been used from more than 150 countries. The principles of EM usage is to improve human health standards, provide economical benefits, ease of use, environment friendly and quality productivity. There are 3 types of main EM microorganism, which is Lactic Acid Bacteria, Phototrophic Bacteria, and Yeast.


Basic Usage Method :

  • Agriculture (cereal crop, cash crop, horticulture, orchard nursing, grass field, anti odour, zoo)
  • Environment (composting, natural disasters, restaurant, hotel, septic tank, solid waste treatment, sea, river, lake, disposal centre, biology treatment, soil treatment)
  • Daily lives (recycle, Kehidupan seharian (kitar semula, gardening, hydrophonics, decorative plants, swimming pool, kitchen, toilet, aquarium, vehicle, fabric wash, pet animals)



  1. Shrink the kitchen rubbish waste before treatment.
  2. Spread the EM-Bio Recycle powder on the bottom section of the rubbish bin to allow the frementation process.
  3. Insert the organic rubbish waste into the rubbish bin.
  4. Spread a grasp of EM-Bio Recycle powder (20-30g).
  5. Mix the EM-Bio Recycle powder and rubbish waste equally.
  6. Close the rubbish bin tightly, avoid from exposure to the air.
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6, after it is fully filled up, close it tightly and keep it in the shade.
  8. Extract the rubbish EM-Juice from the rubbish bin pipe with every 2-3 days. Melted with water 500~1000X melting to be sprayed to the crop / disposal as a liquified fertilizer.
  9. After the rubbish has been completely filled up, close it tightly and keep it in a shady area for 1~2 weeks until the fermentation process is complete.
  10. After the fermentation process is complete, the sweet and sour smelling EM compost rubbish is produced.
  11. Insert the EM-Compost inside the soil to activate the soil and free from usage of chemical fertilizer and insecticides, obtaining ample Vitamins and minerals to fertilize the crop.
  12. As a result, it allows healthy vegetables and flowers to be produced.