Effective Microorganism (EM) Programme

AWARENESS PROGRAMME – To Improve and Preserve Environment Quality through the Activity of Society With EM Biotechnology Method.

How Is It Effective With – Effective Microorganisms (EM) ?

Lactic Acid Bacteria

Bakteria Asid Laktik Lactic Acid Bacteria discharges lactic acid from sugar and carbohydrate which is produced by yeast and phototrophic bacteria. Food such as yogurt and pickle has long been produced using this bacteria. Lactic Acid is a strong sterilization agent which kills patogen microorganism and increases the composting rate of organic ingredients including lignin and cellulose.


Phototrophic Bacteria

Bakteria Fototrofik Phototrophic Bacteria can survive independently. It processes ingredients from root trickles, organic contents and contageous gases such as hydrogen sulfate using light as a source of energy. Among the useful subtracts discharged are amino acids, nucliec acid, bioactive ingredients and sugar. Phototrophic bacteria wastes can be directly absorbed by plants and stimulates the growth of useful bacteria.



Yis / Ragi Yeast synthesizes anti-microbial and subtracts such as amino acids and sugar which is produced by phototrophile bacteria, organic contents and root trickles. Bioactive ingredients such as hormon and enzimes produced by yeast will assist in accelerating the growth of plant and root cells as well as other EM microorganisms.