Practise 5M Practise 5M

What is 5M

•    5M is a new approach by the Ministry of Health Malaysia in improving the life status Malaysians especially in consuming food healthy in a healthy manner
•    5M is the abbreviation for:
o    Minimise sugar
o    Minimise salt
o    Minimise oil
o    Maximise fruits
o    Maximise vegetables

Reduce Sugar Intake

•    Moderate daily sugar intake is about 10 teaspoons (50 gram) for both natural and hidden sugar.
•    Sugar in drinks is detrimental to our body because we cannot convert it into energy. The accumulated sugar will be converted into fat that will lead to obesity and increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It could also damage teeth.

How to reduce sugar during the festive period?

•    Reduce intake of sweet confectioneries.
•    Drink plain water instead of carbonated drinks or other sweetened drinks.
•    Reduce the sugar from the recipe. For example the sugar content in cakes could be reduced by half without affecting the taste quality.
•    Choose fresh fruits as desserts. If using tinned fruits, choose tinned fruit with water or natural juice.

Reduce Salt Intake

•    Reduce your salt intake bit by bit. Too much salt will lead to high blood pressure.
•    In addition, food items like herbs (cinnamon, clove, star anise) could be used as substitute to make food taste better. These items lack flavour enhancer and also contains unique properties that are good for health.

Reduce cooking oil usage

•    Oil usage must be reduced. This is because excessive oil usage could lead to disease.
•    .When using oil, avoid cooking foods that use coconut milk and cooking by deep frying. It could reduce oil in food.
•    Avoid using coconut milk that is too thick.
•    Cooking by deep frying. It could reduce oil in food.

Eat more fruits

•    Replace your dessert with fruits.
•    Fruits are rich in vitamin C required by the body especially for dental health.
•    Eat more fruits during the festivity.

Eat More Vegetables

•    Vegetables contain fibre and minerals vital for the body and the digestive system. The presence of fibre could reduce blood cholesterol level.
•    Vegetable dishes is very important while enjoying festive meals because it could balance our diet especially blood cholesterol from consuming meat and chicken
•    Vegetables could also be served as salad with other dishes. In addition, there are festive dishes that contain vegetables such as lontong.

(Excerpt from: Ministry of Health, Malaysia